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DemocracyCraft, or DC, is a City Roleplay server focused on the player's ability to create, amend, and remove the rules and laws that govern them. Our server boasts cars, helicopters, a democratically elected government, businesses, economy, among other realistic, life-like features!

Getting Started

Once you join the server, if a guide is online, they will come to you and give you a tour. If there are no guides online, feel free to ask in chat when you see one join or open a Department of Education ticket!


Our Staff team are a group of amazing people who are here to help you. Should you have any issues, please run /ticket while you are in-game and follow the prompts. If there are not any staff members online, go to the #support discord channel and create a ticket.

Forums & Discord

The Discord server and our Forums are the two main places where announcements are posted. You can apply for government jobs, view our Constitution, and much more on the Forums. To fully view the Forums you need to create an account. On the Discord server, you can get into contact with Government Departments, make Staff tickets, talk to players, and more!

These platforms come highly recommended

A lot of our server interacts and relies on Discord and Forums. All our platforms are moderated by our Staff team - we recommend you sign up right now on our forums here and join our Discord server here.

Reveille Police Station

Good job on making it this far!

A lot of players who skip this guide have a hard time understanding the server. :(

Making Money

On joining the server, you start off with $500. While that's no small sum, you will find you might need more money to buy plots, groceries or rent your first apartment. Here are some suggestions on how to make money:

  • Getting hired by a company
  • You can sell materials to player-owned chest shops
  • Starting a business
  • Real estate opportunities
  • Auctions

You can learn more about making money by reading our guide on it here.

Chest Shops

ChestShops are where you can buy or sell materials from/to players and firms. To buy an item, right click on the sign, and to sell, left click on the sign. You can learn more about using them by reading our guide here.

Jobs and Exams

One of the first things you should do is get your first job! You can do this by going to our University by entering /university in game.

We have three main categories of jobs:

  • Trade - these are considered manual labour jobs with not many special perks. They are good for beginners who want an easier starting off point. Rarely do these type of jobs provide direct pay, you usually have to sell what you get as a part of the trade job.
  • Professions - these jobs build on trade jobs by having more advanced or special perks. This could be specialised crafting recipes or plugin features. Not all professions will provide you with pay.
  • Government - you cannot get a Government job immediately, but after around 48 hours of in-game playtime a lot of players apply for these jobs on our forums. These jobs provide a mix between trade and professions, allowing you to work in teams to better our nation!

For more detailed information, read our guide on jobs and check out individual job guides that interest you here.


Our server is unique, as there are three chat channels you use to talk to other players. Please read this carefully as you will need to use these channels quite often!

  • Global (/g) - this is the default channel for everyone. You only need to run the alias command when you aren't in the channel. This channel allows everyone to read your messages.
  • Local (/l) - this is a channel with a 50 block radius. Only people within 50 blocks can read your messages (hear you!). Please use this when you are: talking to players right in front of you, seeking treatment from a Doctor, or in an event.
  • Private Messages (/msg <username>) - this allows you to have a one on one conversation with anyone. Replace <username> with whomever you want to talk to!

In addition to these channel commands, you may want to learn some other handy commands. We recommend you visit this guide sometime after you finish this one!


On this server, we have a custom health plugin which enables players to experience sickness and injuries. You will most likely experience broken legs and flesh wounds, both will give you slowness and/or random damage. Monitor your health status at any time by entering /health in-game!

If you fall ill, head to the Hospital and click the computer head to request a doctor. You can get to the hospital by dying (not recommended!) or by entering /gps start hospital in-game.

Free healthcare!

Most of your health expenses will be covered by Medicare - a free universal healthcare program!

Reveille Hospital


Our government consists of three branches: Legislative, Executive, and Judiciary.

The Legislative branch, or Congress, is split into two parts: the House of Representatives (HoR) and the Senate. Representatives in the HoR are responsible for creating legislation, while Senators review and vote on proposed bills from the HoR.

The Executive branch comprises the President, Vice president, and Cabinet. The President and Vice President are elected democratically by the players every four months, leading the government as a whole! This is the same electoral system we use to elect our Legislative branch. The Cabinet consists of advisors who oversee various Government Departments.

The Judiciary branch runs the court system. Citizens have the right to bring legal disputes against each other, with Judges presiding over cases and determining appropriate punishments based on our Constitution.

Apart from Judges and Cabinet members, who require Presidential nomination and Senate approval, anyone can run for a Government position. To participate in an election, simply join the race in our Elections and Referendums forum.

Will you be our next President?


We still have the classic Minecraft wilderness along with our city to compliment. Read below to see how the two work together.


Players have the ability to explore the Wilderness, where laws are largly absent. In the wild, you can collect resources, construct bases, and engage in various, mostly unregulated activities.

Be careful

Griefing is allowed in the Wilderness, unless you have purchased a region. These start at $10 per block and require you to open a staff ticket in-game (/ticket)!

To access the wilderness, use the command /airport and right-click on one of the computer monitors nearby. A menu will appear, allowing you to choose your desired wild destination.

Property, Plots, and Apartments

Players have the opportunity to rent and own various properties both in the city and the wilderness. These plots are technically referred to as "regions". If you own a plot in the city, you are able to build anything on it as long as it meets Government regulations. Most new players don't start off with plots, you will usually need to save up a lot of money first.

To find a plot, just wonder around the city until a message pops up in chat. We recommend instead that you wonder inside large skyscrapers/apartment buildings for an apartment instead. You can right click signs that say "[For Rent]" to rent your first apartment!

Reveille City


You will often see ChestShops and plots that are branded or owned by businesses. ChestShops will often have b:<company name> and plots will have company logos on them. You are able to start your own business by getting an Entrepreneur license from our University.

Sausage Sizzle Stands!

That's all!

Great job on making it this far! Be sure to join our Discord server if you haven't already, and feel free to ask questions in-game. We're excited to have you!