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Rules and Laws - Who enforces what? Rules and Laws - Let's avoid Bystanders

Moderation is an important aspect of keeping our server a welcome and inclusive environment for everyone to enjoy. Below, we've included some guidelines that apply on all DemocracyCraft platforms.

Staff maintain full discretion in their enforcement of rules and general moderation.

Feel free to ask questions on our Discord server if you have any questions or concerns.

Respect the spirit of the rules

These rules are here to protect you - not for us to come after you!

You will never be punished for raising a concern regading rules, regardless of whether it is about yourself or others.

Something may not be explicitly defined here, that doesn't necessary make it ok. If you have to consider whether it is allowed, ask!

1. Respect

  • Any form of harassment, including (but not limited to): racism, homophobia, sexism, antisemitism, stalking is not acceptable ever.
  • Discussions about controversial topics such as real world politics and world religion are not permitted in public channels.
  • You are not allowed to impersonate or mimic other players or Staff members.
  • Tickets must be used for assistance purposes only.
    • Be truthful always. We rely on your honest recount alongside our evidence to keep our community safe.
    • Trying to lie or misrepresent facts intentionally may result in additional disciplinary actions.
  • All content on this server must be appropriate for minors. This includes all skins, language, and actions on all our platforms.

2. Chat

  • Please do not excessively repeat phrases, use profanity, and/or capital letters in your messages.
  • You are not permitted to communicate in any other languages than English in public channels.
  • If your speech is altered by in-game drinks, you are not permitted to speak in public channels.
  • You must use the #➕ | Create VC channel on our Discord server when you are streaming or recording.
    • Inform people who join your voice channel that you are recording.
Areas we moderate in

We will moderate only groups and Discords related to DemocracyCraft. Private conversations will only be moderated when there is a blatant necessity for us to intervene.

3. Advertising

  • Advertising must be kept to /ad in-game or appropriate advertisement channels on our main Discord server.
  • You must not advertise for any reason in private messages.
  • Discord servers or Minecraft servers that are not for the purposes of DemocracyCraft are not allowed to be advertised anywhere.

4. Property

  • You are not allowed to steal from any place or any person.
  • Lava casting and flooding are not allowed anywhere.
  • You may not destroy, obstruct or otherwise cause physical disturbances on property that you do not own.
This does not apply to the Wilderness

You are allowed to destroy anything which is unclaimed in the Wilderness. This rule however still applies to anything that is claimed.

5. Lag Prevention

  • Redstone clocks are not permitted in any builds.
  • All farms must either be manual or semi-automatic and are required to have player interactions.
  • You must avoid using excessive tile entities (chests, hoppers, item frames) or regular entities (mobs) in builds and designated spaces.
    • Item frames must only be used to display non-vanilla items. This applies especially for ChestShops

6. Fair Play

  • Permissions must be used strictly for the reasons you told you can have them for.
    • Many Government jobs contain additional features or access. It is your responsibility to use them responsibly and only for appropriate reasons.
  • You must not use x-ray. Any proceeds from x-ray will be confiscated.
  • You are allowed to use client modifications from our allowed list only.
  • Any methods to avoid being kicked for being away-from-keyboard that is not genuine gameplay is not allowed.
  • Any form of exploitation is not permitted for any reason.
    • This includes using bugs in server features.
  • You can only play on this server with one (1) Minecraft account. Any activities that occur on this account are your responsibility
If your account is compromised, report it!

We will try to help you out, and keep the account banned until you regain access to it.

Punishments are not linear

Depending on the severity of rules breached, your remorse for actions and compliance with Staff will affect disciplinary action.

On the lower end you may simply be told not to repeat the behaviour again (verbal warning). On the higher end however, you may be deported (banished to the wilderness) or banned.