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As a pharmacist, your role allows you to manufacture and sell pharmaceutical medical treatments to players privately. Unlike doctors, pharmacists do not receive a government paycheck.


What Pharmacists Do

Pharmacists play a vital role in DemocracyCraft by providing essential medical treatments to players. Here's what pharmacists typically do:

  • Manufacture Cures: Pharmacists craft various medical cures to treat common ailments such as broken legs, flesh wounds, and more. These cures are essential for players seeking medical assistance.

  • Sell Medical Goods: Once the cures are crafted, pharmacists can sell them to players privately. This role helps ensure that players can access critical medical treatments outside the hospital setting.

  • Resource Gathering: To create medical treatments, pharmacists need to gather resources, either by purchasing them from player shops or collecting them in the wild.


  • /disease list: Provides players with a list of diseases and their cures. Disease List

  • /health: Allows players to check if they have a disease. Normal body temperature is 37 degrees Celsius. Health Check

  • Temperature: Check the patient's temperature. Normal temperature is 37. Higher is hot, lower is cold. Advise patients accordingly:

    • Hot: Remove armor or stay in a cold environment like water.
    • Cold: Put on armor, seek shelter, or stand near a fire.

Pharmacists can set their own prices and sell medical goods in bulk, making this job suitable for crafting medicinal products and helping other players outside the hospital.

Treatment Guide

Note: The following treatments are available for pharmacists. Other treatments for diseases like plague and rabies are exclusive to doctors.

  • Broken Leg: Leg Splint (6 sticks) Leg Splint

  • Flesh Wound/Open Wound: Bandage (8 paper, 1 wool) Bandage

  • Common Cold: DayQuil (glow berries, honey bottle, water bottle, nether wart) DayQuil

  • Hypothermia: Warm Pack (magma cream, 3 paper) Warm Pack

  • Heat Exhaustion: Ice Pack (ice, 3 paper) Ice Pack

What to Do After Passing the Exam

Once you've passed the exam, consider purchasing a plot and building a store or renting a shop to sell your products. You can find available plots for sale or lease in the #realty-adverts section on our Discord server. Alternatively, you can look for companies to work with through DC Jobs: DC Jobs Discord

To gather resources, you can either buy them from player shops or collect them in the wild. To access the wild, type /warp airport, right-click a monitor at the airport, and choose one of the six starting locations. Wild Starting Locations

(Check /map if you're looking for a specific biome).

For more information, read this guide: Guide - Making Money