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As an Armourer, you are responsible for contributing to the server’s arms-based industry. This is achieved by crafting weapons to sell to the community. If crafting weaponry is your forte, while of course staying legal, then we recommend this job for you!


What Armourers Do

Armourers on DemocracyCraft have several essential roles:

  • Crafting Weapons: Your primary task is crafting various weapons that are legal on the server. Recipe books containing the recipes for all the guns and ammo can be found in the government store.
  • Selling Firearms: You can sell firearms in a chest shop. Utilize the /iteminfo command to obtain the name for the chest shop, making it easier for players to find your products.
  • Understanding Firearms Laws: To ensure you stay within legal boundaries, you must familiarize yourself with the server's laws regarding firearms. Possessing or selling restricted weapons can result in consequences.
  • Crafting Ammo: In addition to weapons, crafting ammunition is a part of your job. Ensure you have the knowledge and materials to craft various types of ammo.


To craft a firearm yourself, you need to place materials in the right shape in a crafting table. Recipe books containing the recipes for all the guns and ammo you can make can be found on the second floor of the government store, which can be found in the town hall (/gps start govshop).

Passed the Exam? What Now?

It's recommended that you purchase a plot and build a store or rent a shop to sell your products. Find available plots for sale/lease under #realty-adverts on our Discord server.

To gather resources, you can either buy them from player shops or obtain them yourself in the wild. To get to the wild, type /warp airport. Right click a monitor in the airport and choose out of 6 wild starting locations.

Making Money

There are different ways to start earning money with your new profession:

  • Start your own store with chest shops using a rented store or a bought plot. You can sell firearms and ammo in a chest shop by finding their unique item id. For more information on how to set up a chest shop, check out the Chest Shops Guide.
  • Use the #marketplace channel to auction off your goods. You get to choose the starting price, and interested players can bid on your auctions.
  • Find a player-owned company to work for through the DC Jobs server. There may be employers hiring someone with your skills or profession!

For more information, read this guide: Guide - Making Money.


Here are a few armourer recipes to help you get started without the recipe book:

You can find even more recipes through /ia under Guns.