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Stock Exchanges

Private Stock Exchanges represent a significant and dynamic industry within DemocracyCraft, providing players the ability to trade various financial assets such as stocks or ETFs.

What Are Shares?

Shares are units of ownership within a company. By buying a share from a company, you are becoming an investor and a partial owner. If the value of that company increases, so does your share.

When it comes to trading shares, as a player, the principle of buy low and sell high is most commonly applied. Players will often try to invest into companies when the share price is low, and then sell when it rises.

Selling shares to players allows companies to grow and develop new industries. For example, if one company wants to franchise new stores in multiple towns but doesn't have the funds, they may choose to list themselves on a private stock exchange in order to gain money to expand. From there, the company can utilize the invested money from stocks into purchasing new store space. This expansion of the company leads to the company becoming more valuable - and thus the shares becoming more valuable as well.


Players can invest into private stock exchanges by joining their discord. Information on how to buy and sell stocks in that exchange may vary.

Most commonly, players can open tickets in the discord of the private stock exchange and request to buy certain shares. It should also be noted that:

  • The rules and regulations surrounding stock markets may vary.
  • Your money may not be guaranteed a return if the company you've invested in ceases to exist.
  • You may not be able to sell your shares back directly to the exchange.

In addition, some private stock exchanges may charge fees on transferring or limits on activity.

Where Can I Find Stock Exchanges?

Listed and linked below are some of the Private Stock Exchanges on the server:

  1. The Exchange