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Forum Badges

Badges are a way to track your career on the server and forums. They are awarded to recognize players' commitment to the community.


Presidential Commendation

Receiving one of three presidential commendations per Presidential Administration; for exceptional achievement and/or outstanding service to the community.


For serving as President of Redmont.


For serving as both Speaker of the House of Representatives and the President of the Senate.


For having been impeached by the House of Representatives.


For serving in the Legislative branch; as Vice President; or as President of Democracycraft.

Change Maker

100 posts on the forums!

Serve as an Attorney General, Magistrate, Judge, and/or Justice.

Receive a reaction score of at least 20 on one of your posts!


For serving as a staff member.


Achieved upon serving as the most senior leader across all branches of Government. (Chief Justice, Speaker OR President of the Senate, President)

Other Badges

Other badges can be seen in the Honours and Awards Act.