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Staff Vetos

For the Benefit of the server, the Staff Team retains the reserve power to completely override any Government decision.

Server Leadership will communicate this override through the President where possible.

Staff override cannot be overturned, however, Server Leadership will work with the President to seek an alternative option.

Server Leadership will advise the President where requested and or give input into the country’s efficient running and staff workload.

This list is provided in good faith as a record of Staff intervention into Government affairs and as a tool for lawmakers and Government to use to mitigate staff decisions.

This is not an exhaustive list.

Town Height Limit (40 Blocks)

Description: Towns cannot surpass a block height limit of 40. This was amended at the beginning of Reveille from 30 blocks.


  • The DCT or the Government have no active interest in maintaining the height limit and are therefore likely to approve all requests to exceed the height limit.
  • All mayors over the course of the last 8 months have abided by the height limit without complaint. Some even support the height limit.
  • Anything beyond 30 blocks belongs in the/a city - anything larger than 30 blocks is taller than the capitol building.
  • We are in the business of building towns, not cities.
  • Towns are encouraged to build structures specific to their town industry, not something to rival the city.


Cuboid Regions Only

Description: Players can request that polygonal spaces be regioned.


  • Diagonal plots add depth and perspective to the city.
  • Some players enjoy working on angles.
  • There are many diagonal roads in the city.


Former Government Position Roles

Description: The server won't maintain Former <role> permission groups and tags.


  • Maintaining one role such as President means that we have to do it for other roles such as Vice President, Justice, and Secretary.
  • These roles will accumulate over time and will override meaningful jobs with meaningless ones.


Capital Relocation

Description: The Capital of Redmont will remain in the city that Spawn resides.


  • Fairness among towns.
  • Towns are not an appropriate capital city.


Fifth Town

Description: There will be no more than four towns.


  • The server does not have the player base to support more than four towns.
  • There is no viable town location within Reveille to accommodate a fifth town.


Owner Veto while in Government

Description: Ownership's ability to veto is unaffected by political factors.

Reason: Extended Response - see link. Link:

Deputy Secretary In-Game Role

Description: Deputy Secretaries


  • The Secretary tag combination is already long, adding a deputy to the tag would make it too long, especially considering Deputy Secretaries can serve in Congress. i.e. '[Rep] [Staff] Dep. Commerce Secretary Username' is 45 characters alone (half of a chat line).
  • In-game roles are only abbreviated in limited circumstances. Such a role would require abbreviation to allow for a viable tag combination.
  • The role would mask other important roles that serve regular in game functions. i.e. Deputy Secretary of State might mask Sergeant or Doctor.
  • There are 9 secretaries and each department usually has 2+ Deputies. This would lead to most people online having a secretary role of some sort which is masking other roles.

Link: Nil.

Server Infrastructure

Description: The following infrastructure is staff-owned and managed. It requires approval for alteration:

  • Spawn / Tutorial
  • Staff Areas (i.e. below spawn)
  • Donator Infrastructure: Reveille Yacht Club, Reveille Country Club, and the Cruise Ship Donator Hub
  • Owner Residences


  • Spawn and the tutorial are significant places in the server and act as a player's first impression of the map and the server. This does not detract from the DCT's ability to decorate Spawn seasonally, however it will require approval from a member of Server Leadership.
  • Donator areas involve the expenditure of IRL funds and therefore should be overseen by Server Leadership to ensure that any amendments to the area is consistent with what the server has committed to donators.

Link: Nil.

Wild Regions

Description: Expansion of allowable wild region allocation, size, and or limit.

Reason: Wild regions exist for players to claim small parcels of land in the wild to protect wild projects. There are heavy limitations placed on wild regions to protect the city roleplay aspect of the server. Players who live and play in the wild do so with independence and self-sufficiency. This practice is not conducive to the healthy, circular economy that we strive for. As a compromise, previously we have expanded the allowable wild region size by 100%.

City Design

Description: That the spokes of the City's road/path network remain.

Reason: To preserve the city's design so that we don't end up with a Manhattan grid-like, characterless mosh pit. Reveille is designed to be centred in a spoke formation with large thoroughfares running diagonally from the epicentre that is Spawn. This forms the 'Triangle of Government' which sees the three branches of government at each end of the triangle to symbolise the separation of powers.