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Staff Intent

The purpose of this thread is to communicate the server ownership's intent for the server. This intent informs owner vetos and owner decision making, therefore it can be used as a tool to assist lawmakers and decision makers in their duties.

Our Vision

Our vision is to have an aesthetic, inclusive, practical, realistic, and politically focused City Roleplay community.

Our vision extends to maintain server heritage and political stability, while still providing a fun and unpredictable playing experience.

Preservation of Aesthetic

Democracycraft prides itself on aesthetic. Its important that, in order to retain aesthetic, we maintain the original intent for Reveille:

  1. Towns are allocated their respective borders and these borders shall remain unaltered. Allowing one town to expand means that all towns should be afforded the same opportunity. Furthermore, the further towns expand, the closer towns get to one another.


  1. Reveille is a custom map. Effort should be taken to preserve the natural landscape surrounding towns and the city. This includes the mountain range and waterways which should also be preserved. Enabling towns to expand beyond their borders or to utilise the surrounding landscape (i.e. mountains) will eventually lead to their degradation as town leaderships change and the area gets changed multiple times over. Its best to preserve these wonders as a natural buffer.

  2. Major changes to city zoning can be extremely hard to reverse. i.e. alleyways west of Government house and the courts should not be altered as they are purposefully placed to ensure that players cannot merge full city blocks close to the city centre - which is unrealistic.

Preservation of History

In the move from Hamilton to Reveille, there were significant changes made to the server and its build infrastructure. Efforts should be made to preserve the limited landmarks which were selected to be transferred rather than rebuilt. i.e. Government House.

Decision Time Creep

We refer to this concept as 'decision time creep.' A good example of this is town build height limits. The town height limit was originally 30 blocks. Significant lobby occurred to have this raised over time to 40 blocks. Today, lobbying continues to have it raised again to 50 blocks. If we raise the height limit again, lobbying will be for 60 blocks. Decision makers should be conscious of time creep and how decisions over time have blown out.

Pragmatic Decision Making

  1. Unregulated towns/settlements are a quick way to ruin the aesthetic of the server and change the dynamic of the server.

  2. Practicality is big. Will what you are planning actually serve a purpose? e.g. a military.

  3. Realism is also what we strive for, albeit in a Minecraft context. e.g. a job title like 'Criminal' is not realistic.

  4. How much staff work is required to implement this? e.g. Changing as little as a Department name will take at least 2 hours of work behind the scenes.

  5. Think about how you would think of the decisions you make as a regular player, a staff member, and a member of the government.