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As a Lawyer, your primary job is to consult players seeking legal advice, represent players in court, and marry couples.

The legal profession has three exams which must be taken in chronological order: Legal A > Legal B > Legal C.

  • Legal A awards the solicitor title.
  • Legal B awards the barrister title.
  • Legal C awards the attorney title.


What Lawyers Do

Lawyers in Redmont have several important roles:

  • Legal Advisors: Players seek legal advice from lawyers, requiring you to provide guidance on legal matters.
  • Court Representatives: You represent players in court cases, either as a defense attorney or a prosecutor.
  • Marriage Services: Lawyers have the authority to marry two players, provided both parties consent. You can also handle divorce proceedings.
  • Exam Success: To become a lawyer, you must pass three exams: Legal A, Legal B, and Legal C. These exams test your analytical skills, fact-finding abilities, and knowledge of legal terms. Outside research into legal matters and court proceedings on DemocracyCraft is necessary.


In order to marry two players, they both need to consent. Abuse of this permission to marry players will be monitored by staff. You may charge for your services in both marriage and divorce.


  • /marry playername playername - Marries two players.
  • /marry divorce playername playername - Divorces two players.


Passed the Exam? What Now?

It's recommended that you purchase a plot and build a store or rent a shop to sell your services in. You can offer to represent players in court as a professional lawyer!

For more info, read this guide! Guide - Making Money

You can find a firm to work for with DC Jobs: DC Jobs