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As a Jeweller, you will be able to sell unique versions of precious metals and decorations for special occasions. You can then sell these goods to players.


What Jewellers Do

Jewellers are skilled crafters when it comes to additional and decorative use for diamonds, gold, iron, and other ores. The following recipes can be exclusively crafted by a Jeweller:

24 Carat Diamond Ring24 Carat Diamond Ring
14 Carat Diamond Ring14 Carat Diamond Ring
24 Carat Gold Ring24 Carat Gold Ring
14 Carat Gold Ring14 Carat Gold Ring
24 Carat Silver Ring24 Carat Silver Ring
14 Carat Silver Ring14 Carat Silver Ring

Passed the Exam? Now What?

It is recommended that you purchase a plot and build a store, or rent a shop to sell your products in! Find available plots for sale/lease under #realty-adverts on our discord. As a Jeweller, you can also advertise your expertise in vehicles under #business-adverts.

To gather resources, you can either buy them from player shops or obtain them yourself in the wild. To get to the wild, type /warp airport. Right-click a monitor in the airport and choose out of 7 wild starting locations (pictured below).

Wild Starting Locations

(Check /map if you're looking for a specific biome).