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As a Doctor, your primary role is to provide medical assistance to patients at the hospital. Your duty revolves around attending to patients' medical needs inside the hospital premises. Doctors are considered level 5 employees in the government's pay system and earn $15 every 15 minutes.

Trainee Doctors should receive personal training from a Medical Specialist and successfully pass an evaluation before they are promoted to full Doctors.

Join the Department of Health Discord Server for more information.



  • /doh: Sets your channel to a private one for Department of Health employees.

    Doctor Channel

  • /doctor-attend <username>: Opens a GUI to teleport to the selected hospital or clinic, alerting other doctors that you're attending to a patient. Use this command only when a patient requires assistance. Abuse of this command leads to departmental termination.

    Doctor Request Doctor Attend

  • /disease list: Shows a list of diseases with their details and cure names.

    Disease List

  • /disease info <disease>: Displays information about a specific disease, including its name, contraction, symptoms, contagion, and cure.

    Disease Info

  • /disease curelist: Provides a list of disease cures and the materials required for crafting. You can click to view details.

    Disease Cure List

  • /disease check <player>: Shows the health status of another player.

    Disease Check

Procedures & Protocol

When a player requests medical assistance by hitting the doctor sign, follow these steps:

  1. Type /doh to confirm that you will attend to the patient. You can use phrases like "Me" or "I got it."
  2. Use /doctor-attend <patient’s username> to teleport to the appropriate hospital or clinic.
  3. Greet the patient and inquire about their medical needs.
  4. If the patient doesn't know their disease, instruct them to use /health and ask for the diagnosis. If the disease is contagious, direct them to an empty exam room and ask them to wait there. If the disease is not contagious, you may treat them at the desk.
  5. Craft the appropriate cure using materials from the doctor storage room. State the correct price and check if Medicare applies.
  6. After the patient pays, administer the cure. Right-click them with the cure to administer it.
  7. Wish them a good day. You can offer the patient a pancake from the storage room before they leave.
  8. Recycle bottles and dispose of any surplus materials in the disposal sign located in the doctor storage room.

Doctors can also treat themselves but must do so by walking to the hospital and using materials from the supply room. You may request assistance like a regular patient but never use /doctor-attend on yourself.

Temperature and Prices

Normal body temperature is 37. Anything below 37 is considered cold, and anything above 37 is hot.

  • If the patient is hot, advise them to remove armor (if any), stand in water, or go to a snowy biome.
  • If the patient is cold, recommend putting on armor or standing near a lit furnace or fire source. The main hospital's exam room 5 is suitable for warming up.

Always inquire if the patient has a disease and treat them accordingly.


  • Only treat patients who have requested assistance using the sign.
  • Use materials from the hospital supply room to craft cures.
  • Always charge the exact amount specified. Giving free treatments or random charges is against the rules.
  • Never refuse to treat a patient unless they are harassing or noncompliant.
  • Do not provide free treatments.
  • Do not harm or abuse patients, such as giving the wrong cure intentionally.
  • Avoid treating patients outside the hospital with doctor-only cures or cures crafted with hospital supplies.
  • Ensure you do not keep leftover materials; recycle and dispose of them at the designated disposal sign.
  • Do not sell doctor-only cures outside the hospital. (Pharmaceutical goods are an exception)
  • Only Medical Specialists can create and use vaccines.

If you need to report a Doctor violating these rules or have complaints, report them to a Medical Specialist (MS) or the Secretary of Health (SoH). These rules are enforceable.


For detailed information on how Medicare works, read this guide.

Medicare is government health insurance that enables patients to pay doctors for certain cures at the hospital. All disease-related treatments are covered.